Attracting tourists to the beauty,
fun and authentic history that is
truly Chatham-Kent…from shore to shore!

What we call home is what tourists from around the world are seeking.

Only Chatham-Kent is bordered on two sides with water that delights fishermen and wakeboarders alike, can boast nationally-respected historic sites like Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Buxton Museum, has a Carolinian forest that attracts wildlife rarely seen in Canada, has its own winery and brew pub, and offers motorcycle enthusiasts breathtaking scenic rides dotted with tempting stops at farm markets all along the route.

HUB Creative Group is proud to have once again produced the pre-eminent tourist publication for Chatham-Kent that shows off our unique and valuable characteristics.

“There are a lot of unique experiences that people can have when they visit Chatham-Kent and it is an important for us to spread that message around the world,” says Ike Erickson, of HUB Creative Group. “If we don’t pull it all together in one place and promote how great we are, visitors may just cruise by us on Hwy 401.”

The Travel Guide will be distributed both within and outside of Chatham-Kent. Local advertisers pay to be seen in the Travel Guide and report that sales from tourists are a big part of their business. HUB thanks the local businesses that help make the Travel Guide possible.

Chatham-Kent Travel Guide online:

What to do, eat and see. Where to stay and shop. It’s all online at the website HUB Creative built to twin the Travel Guide. The Chatham-Kent Travel Guide and the CK Today Calendar are publications produced solely at HUB Creative Group.

For more information, contact:

Ike Erickson – 519-351-6663 Ext 22

Here Patricia Peters, Manager, Chatham-Kent Tourism; Lucy Ogletree, Chair, Tourism Advisory Council and owner of Harvest Moon, Dresden; and Ike Erickson, of HUB Creative Group, display the 2015 CK Travel Guides.