HUB Creative Celebrates – Keith Hindmarsh

“Creativity in cooking is giving yourself permission to do things you’ve never done before and believe it will taste great. I look at food as individual elements. What will work with something totally unexpected?  How about a creamy soup of celeriac, apple and Stilton cheese with pomegranate and Madeira puree drizzled over top? I love combining flavours. I ask myself: What will make this dish really special?

“Colour and texture are important in cooking. And I really value “mouth feel”. Is it creamier with butter? Does it need a crunch? Should I add turmeric to make the colour more vibrant?

“I tell people it’s not only okay, but fun to try something new when cooking. Why not? Be creative not just with flavour, but with presentation as well. Some flowers, such as roses, carnations and violets are edible (provided they are organic) and can add new flavours along with terrific eye appeal!

“I push myself to be more creative in my recipes. I think people in Chatham-Kent in general are getting more creative in cooking because I see more exotic foods available in local grocery stores. Obviously people are buying dragon fruit or fresh rabbit or it wouldn’t be stocked. I tell people not to be afraid when they cook. Trust your instincts. Take free reign. Cook something magnificent.”

2015 marks 50 years of creativity for HUB Creative Group. As we celebrate this amazing milestone, we want to spend 2015 honouring and acknowledging our fellow creatives. And not just designers and writers like us – but creative spirits who express themselves through art, food, music and more.