September 4, 2018By John LyonsLatest News

Right now in Chatham-Kent everyone is talking about “the sign”, And talking is what we – as a community need to do. Because the more that we talk to each other, The more we learn about each other, And the more that we realize that we are more alike. Than we are different. And that … Read More

The Revolution of Technology

March 2, 2017By Gerard LozonLatest News

As someone that works in electronics as a living, it’s amazing to see how technology has changed and continues to affect our lives. And to be completely honest, I think for the better. From digital memory, to speakers, to music, evolution of the human species have become more reliant around our technology. Studies have shown … Read More

The C-K Today Calendar is just for Chatham-Kent!

September 28, 2016By Melanie ConsLatest News

Celebrating our lucky 13th year! This all-in-one calendar gives local families critical information they need. The FREE CK Today calendar, that makes organizing your family’s life a lot easier, will be delivered to households across Chatham-Kent this week through the Chatham Daily News and the Flyer Wrap. This unique calendar features specific information for Chatham-Kent … Read More

iDNS Canada – Domain Renewal Scam Alert

September 27, 2016By Melanie ConsLatest News

Don’t get scammed by fake Domain Renewal letters! We hate to see good clients get scammed by fake website domain renewal companies such as iDNS Canada (Internet Domain Name Services Inc.) – but we’ve had more than a few clients reach out lately asking about this scam. We’ve actually taken a photograph of a letter that a … Read More

CK Today – Chatham-Kent Travel Guide 2016

April 26, 2016By Melanie ConsLatest News

NEW! Now available online For years, Chatham-Kent has promoted its exciting water sports, exceptional fishing, unique Black History sites and more through the printed Travel Guide. Now visitors can see it all online! Both the Travel Guide and the popular CK Today Community Calendar, that is full of community events for tourists and residents alike, … Read More

The Chatham-Kent Travel Guide 2015 Is Out!!

March 4, 2015By Mary GengeLatest News

Attracting tourists to the beauty, fun and authentic history that is truly Chatham-Kent…from shore to shore! What we call home is what tourists from around the world are seeking. Only Chatham-Kent is bordered on two sides with water that delights fishermen and wakeboarders alike, can boast nationally-respected historic sites like Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Buxton Museum, … Read More