Right now in Chatham-Kent everyone is talking about “the sign”,
And talking is what we – as a community need to do.
Because the more that we talk to each other,
The more we learn about each other,
And the more that we realize that we are more alike.
Than we are different.

And that more than anything,
Love is what makes us human,
Makes us better.
Makes us complete.

Sometimes our world seems so divided
But it’s LOVE that can bring us together.

We all deserve to love…and to be loved.

So Chatham-Kent, let’s show our own signs of love.

Post a photo showing a sign of love using the hashtag #signsoflove on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

It could be anything, or anyone:
You and your partner.
Your kids.
Your friends.
Your family.
Your pet.
Your love.
YOUR love.
Your way.

Simply post your photo on social media and use the hashtag “signs of love”.

Reach out and show someone you care
Call an old friend
Buy someone a coffee
Spread some love

And let’s show Chatham-Kent,
And the world,
That the only signs that really matter here:
Are signs of love.