Celebrating our lucky 13th year!

This all-in-one calendar gives local families critical information they need.

The FREE CK Today calendar, that makes organizing your family’s life a lot easier, will be delivered to households across Chatham-Kent this week through the Chatham Daily News and the Flyer Wrap.

This unique calendar features specific information for Chatham-Kent in regard to:

  • delayed garbage pickup and recycling day notifications after a holiday
  • all of the school holidays and Early Release Days for each school board
  • major holidays
  • key community events
  • time charts showing when cheapest time to use energy

… and more!

Each month features a great photograph of “Chatham-Kent people doing what Chatham-Kent people do”, with photos supplied from local people.

This one-of-a-kind calendar is sponsored and paid for by local businesses and organizations that want to help Chatham-Kent families. If you don’t get a calendar delivered to you, you can pick one up free at the Chatham Outreach for Hunger in exchange for a food donation.

For more information, contact Ike Erickson, (519) 351-6663 Ext. 22 or ike@hubcreativegroup.com